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Third party Inspection

There are technical control, test, assessment and approval services conducted with the purpose of certifying the compliance of purchased / ordered product and/or services or plant to the international standard, code and customer technical specifications during and/ or after manufacturing.

Preshipment inspection

It is an important and reliable inspection method for checking product quality purchased from the suppliers by the clients. The arrangement between a buyer, a supplier and a financial institution is assessed by: –

    • Checking the total quantity of items and packaging.
    • Verifying the compliance with the documented standard of customer or country.
    • Controlling the quality of product/services.
    • Authenticating the documentation and identification

First article Inspection

The complete , independent and documented physical / functional inspection process to verify that prescribed production method have produced and acceptable a pre-production unit/article as specified by a drawings, planning, purchase order, engineering specifications and / of other applicable design documents.

First Article Inspection is crucial and requires lot of expertise to identify issues of quality , usability and durability.

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